About Buzz – The People’s Panel

Hi and Welcome to Buzz – The People’s Panel, A Social Market Research Panel!

Buzz – The People’s Panel is an Online Market Research Community operated by Robas Research Private Ltd

With Buzz, millions of people express their opinion month by month and tell the large organizations what they think of their products, services, websites and advertisements.

We conduct large-scale surveys at a proportionately high quality. As a token of our gratitude and respect for member’s time, participants in our surveys receive remuneration which they can redeem via PayPal.

    The Advantages of Buzz – The People’s Panel for Members are:

  • You are GUARANTEED to be paid provided you complete the survey
  • Fast and easy registration (Register once and you’ll never have to again!)
  • Immediate notification of paid studies via your mobile phone, Face book, and/or Twitter
  • No SPAM (The ONLY time we’ll contact you is for a potential survey)
  • Easy login
  • Cancel at any time for any reason (But why would you? You have nothing to lose!)